A superhero is a fictional character who combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage, or strength. The role of a company's product manager sounds much of a muchness. Identifying the larger business goals and bringing together a team to achieve that vision is the job of a product manager. They act as the communication bridge between the client and the company. A good product manager spends their time on several critical tasks that shape the deal for the company. Which may include:
- Understanding and expressing user needs.
- Monitoring the market and developing a competitive analysis.
- Defining the vision for the product.
- Aligning stakeholders around the product vision.
- Prioritizing product features.
The challenging part is to locate talents and distinguish between two heavyweight superheroes. This is where Bolstar's role-specific assessment for Product Managers can help candidates showcase their skills and allow employers to onboard their company's next superhero.

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Author : Uzma Chowdhury

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