One of the major head-scratchers for recruiters all over the globe has been on recruiting the right candidate who satisfies all the relevant skills required for the job. To solve such a riddlic problem, BOLSTAR offers role-specific assessment for hiring companies. A role-specific, scientific assessment is tailored according to the needs of the hiring company, the assessment will critically analyze all the relevant soft and hard skills required for the position.

BOLSTAR has an extensive library consisting of 200+ tests under 7 categories covering a myriad of skills. BOLSTAR's role specific assessment comes with a multitude of benefits:
1. Avoiding the need of on-the-job training.
2. Improved work efficiency.
3. Bringing a positive and effective change into outdated hiring process.
4. Minimizing employee turnover

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Author :Ashiful Hoque Chowdhury

Content Manager, BOLSTAR Career